8 Consequences of an Acidic Body

8 Consequences of an Acidic Body


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1. If you are overweight, you don’t have a fat problem, you have an acid problem! An overly acidic body is forced to pump out more insulin, which tells your cells to store sugar and fat. Second, excess acid will be stored in the fat cell in order to protect the vital organs and blood vessels.

2. Too much acid impairs the ability of your red blood cells to carry oxygen to your cells. When oxygen is unable to reach your cells, all bodily functions are compromised.

3. Free radical damage of cell walls is accelerated in an acidic environment. Free radical damage is the beginning of all degeneration in the body including aging, eyesight and memory problems, wrinkles, age spots, and much more!

4. Acid in the blood acts as a chemical irritant that slowly attacks and erodes the smooth muscle of the inner walls of arteries and veins. This is a contributing factor to heart and cardiovascular diseases.

5. Acidosis disrupts “normal” lipid and fatty acid metabolism, which can lead to poor cellular integrity, compromised immune function, and neurological and hormonal imbalances.

6. Acid greatly increases the likelihood of cellular mutations. Several Nobel Prize winning scientists including Dr. Otto Warburg and Dr. Harry Goldblatt have stated that cancer is characterized by the uncontrollable proliferation of abnormal or mutated cells!

7. The body has decreased access to energy reserves due to the disruption of efficient cellular and body metabolism.

8. An acidic body allows the binding of cholesterol to heavy metals and other cellular debris, increasing the rate at which plaque builds up in the blood vessels.


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