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The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients. If you would like to provide us a testimonial of your experience with Fitness Arts Click Here.

“Under Mia’s guidance and care I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 6 with no dieting! As a breast cancer survivor I use to feel tired and run down all the time and now I feel healthier and stronger than I have in my entire life. I travel on long International flights (to China) weekly for my job. Through proper nutrition and supplementation, and the right food choices, I’ve learned how to take better care of myself and share my knowledge!…People keep asking how I feel and look so good!”

Stephanie Coleman , International Flight Attendant

“Mia and the Fitness Arts staff have been a great addition to my healing. I have spent years going to doctors who could not help me with my body and self image. With a some work and great motivation (from Mia and the staff), I feel like my health is finally in my hands. I feel better then I have felt in years. The supplements and programs available are amazing. The future is great knowing that I have this team on my side.”

-Janet Caster, Healthcare Professional

“Becoming part of the Fitness Arts community has had such a positive effect on my life! It started a few years ago with pilates lessons. Through pilates, I was able to get fit and flexible. It also helped create a basis for overall fitness as I lost weight and increased my overall activity level. Mia then helped me to learn more about nutrition and body health.I feel that I am healthier today than I have been in my whole life. And, it’s not just fitness and nutrition, the people at Fitness Arts are wonderful and I have new friends that are an important part of my life.”

-Catherine K. McElhany, Senior Manager

Thank goodness for the help received at Fitness Arts.  I originally came to get help for myself, but my husband has also received benefit by using the digest products.  He is finally getting a good night’s sleep.


Long time no see.  I took a rolling class at your facility over a year ago that I really enjoyed.  I had one or two appts. with you for bodywork for my Fibromyalgia; which were very beneficial.  And, then most recently, this winter, I tried your new massage bed.  That was also a great experience.

-Gina Lundell

I went to see Mia because I was not only having problems losing weight, I had swelling in my ankles (daily) and also had a wound that would not heal. I have lost 25 lbs (with more to go!!!) I have no more swelling and the wound that would not heal for more than 18 months…is healed!!! I am extremely thank-ful for Mia and the staff at Fitness Arts…you all have been a sincere BLESSING!!!

-Mary-Kathryn, Sales

It has been a little over a year since I took my first certification with you and somewhat less time has passed since the second. The learning process has been comprehensive and the additional insights passed on during the training has prove to be invaluable, your tutelage has given me an incredible foundation which has allowed me to progress to the point where I am now teaching 4 classes weekly at several clubs. The road has been pleasant although challenging, as you said this is a journey and I see that it is never over I have used what you taught to get to this point and have been rewarded with people in my classes who are very appreciative of what we do and have even made the front page of the Pioneer Press not to long ago. There is no question in my mind that all this has occurred in no small part thanks to you. Best Wishes To The Best.

-David Sternshein, PharmD, AFAA

To this day I have not had a recurrence of plantar fasciitis, a nagging problem, since I took your phenomenal weekend workshop in Green Bay, Wisconsin!

Betsy Krizenesky, Massage Therapist

I think the Pilates classes at Fitness Arts are great. All the instructors are very knowledgeable. The classes are small and there is a lot of individual attention and correction given in the classes.

I think that my flexibility and core strength are increasing. It has helped relieve some of the soreness that I sometimes get from weight training. It is helpful also to take a private class occasionally. I feel that my flexibility and strength have increased.

-Penny Gang. Registered Pharmacist

When it was suggested I try a 3-day fast, it was not an idea I embraced with joy. Having tried fasts before and almost fainted while on them, I reluctantly said, ok and took the plunge. To my surprise, it was a delightful experience. I even stayed on an extra 4th day. I not only did not feel faint, but felt very well fed. The time saved on not having to cook and kitchen clean up was grand. It added time to my day. The apple cleansing drink was simple to make and most refreshing. In fact, I use it for a quick meal once in a while now that I’m off the fast.

The fast revealed to me the times I found myself going to the refrigerator when I was frustrated with a project I was working on or experiencing some other emotion for which I was leaning on food as comfort. I’d stop myself with the reminder that I was on a fast, but this revelation has helped me to stop using food for comfort since off the fast as well.

The weight loss was an added benefit and encouragement to do another fast. I tried the fast for four days before, I am looking forward to 10 day fast in September.

-Nancy Reynolds

I wanted to thank you for the MATT-1 Mat Pilates work shop last Saturday. Learning from you is such a fun experience! Your knowledge and style of teaching is appreciated! Please keep having these workshops! Thank you.


I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful instruction I received from Mia in the MATT-1 Mat Pilates class last weekend. I am looking forward to attending the MATT-2 as well as body rolling in the near future. Mia, you are a beautiful and passionate person. I love your confidence and the “tell it like it is” style you have 🙂 Thank you for a fantastic experience.

-Ruth Dorsch