Do You Want to Jump Start Your Body to Perfect Health?

Do You Want to Jump Start Your Body to Perfect Health?


Join me for our complementary workshops to understand your body’s need for detoxification.

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Here’s why. Detoxification Explained…

Detoxification is an on-going process within the body. Even though our bodies are detoxifying 24/7, every minute of every day, most people are still toxic. You throw your body way out of balance when you eat a diet based on convenient, fast and packaged foods. Over toxicity in your body will weaken every system in your body, clogging your organs that are designed to detoxify your body, making it impossible for you to feel healthy much less at your best.

When detoxification organs become clogged, acidity levels rise in the body. Your body reaches a “toxic load” due to years of poor food and health choices. At the onset or the beginning stages of toxicity, very little will be noticed. Maybe a headache or joint pain, or a pimple or two and perhaps a few extra pounds but nothing that would pull up a red flag for you to do anything different.  The rising acid levels go virtually undetected. The question then is where does all this acid end up and what does it do to our body?

The acid is put into storage to deal with later and it’s stored in your fat cells! Fat cells are not only your body’s way of storing excess energy but it also stores the toxins! When your acidity levels are elevated, your body will do whatever it can to pull that acid away from your vital organs and into your fat cells. This is a defense mechanism used by your body to protect the precious organs and delicate tissues.

But storing fat is not the only way that your body deals with excess acid, so if you are thin it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are healthy! In fact, it may mean that you are in even more danger because your entire body is in a chronic state of acidosis, which means that your body is being destroyed from the inside out!

There are many health conditions that are created when the body is toxic and in a constant state of acidosis. They include:

  1. Poor digestion, absorption, and elimination
  2. Cardiovascular disease, arterial plaque build-up and the inability of the blood to carry oxygen to your cells
  3. Hypoglycemia, insulin resistance and diabetes
  4. Allergies and skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, asthma, acne, and dry, oily and/or itchy skin
  5. Kidney problems such as infections and kidney stones
  6. Immune deficiencies
  7. Free radical damage which promote premature aging and even cancer
  8. Hormonal imbalances
  9. Osteoperosis, joint pain, lactic acid build up causing sore muscles and slow tissue repair
  10. Autoimmune diseases

The list goes on and on. 
That’s why the ability for your body to detoxify is so important to your overall health. Remember that detoxification is an on-going process within the body. The major organ responsible for detoxification is the liver. A healthy liver initiates a specific 2-phase process to detoxify our bodies. The liver is so important to our health that it is the only organ that can actually re-grow itself from a single cell! Due to our toxic diet and lifestyles, we create a problem for the liver to do its job. We impose countless demands and unnecessary stress on this vital organ. As a result, most livers are sluggish and overly toxic. This means you can’t lose the fat that is storing the toxins! If the liver is over burdened, it will not allow you to lose that fat. Your weight loss will be from vital water reserves and lean muscle tissue.

I want to share some important information on some simple remedies and action steps to create an optimally functioning liver as well as other detoxifying organs.

Please join me by registering now. Call 847-397-2787 or online by clicking here. I am so excited to see you at the workshop so I can share these valuable tools that are simple and easy to implement. This may be the most important class you will attend to access the best of your health.




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