Detoxification & Rejuvenation

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Fitness Arts specializes in individual detox programs throughout the year as well as seasonal detoxification programs available to all clients and the general public.

The benefits of detoxification include losing weight, relieving stress, sleeping better, and feeling rejuvenated. You will find that you have more energy, less pain, reduced stress, sleep deeper and longer, and feel refreshed when you wake. You will feel more confident, content and in control. Any great accomplishment in your life has the power to lift your spirit, making you feel confident and happy.

Do you need a detox? Take the test below to find out now, and visit our Wellness Library for detox tips and to follow along with our spring and fall detox programs available to everyone.

Take the Detox Test

Feeling sluggish or out of sync? Having skin problems, aches and pains, or digestive problems? Straying from your healthier habits lately? It might be time for a detox.

The following test will help you determine your current level of toxicity and enable you to make diet and lifestyle changes accordingly to support your personal detoxification journey:

Do you have ‘silver’ dental fillings? Y=1 N=0
Do you frequently use tap water to bathe, brush teeth, cook etc? Y=1 N=0
Do you have one bowel movement or more every day? Y=1 N=0
Do you use commercial cleaners, deodorants, cosmetics etc? Y=1 N=0
Have you ever taken prescription or over the counter
medications? Y=1 N=0
Do you have carpet in your home? Y=1 N=0
Do you use a microwave oven or a cell phone? Y=1 N=0
Do you eat non-organic vegetables, fruits and meats? Y=1 N=0
Do you wear clothes that have been dry cleaned? Y=1 N=0
Do you eat processed foods or ‘fast’ foods? Y=1 N=0
Do you or have you ever smoked or are exposed to second hand? Y=1 N=0
Do you spend time outdoors each day? Y=1 N=0
Do you eat in restaurants weekly? Y=1 N=0
Do you use spray or pest control service/weed killer on your lawn? Y=1 N=0
Do you dye your hair? Y=1 N=0
Do you use cologne or perfume? Y=1 N=0
Are you overweight, underweight or have cellulite deposits? Y=1 N=0
Does your occupation expose you to toxins?
Do you drink alcohol regularly? Y=1 N=0
Do you have any of the following symptoms:
Sensitivity to perfume or chemical odors Y=1 N=0
Persistentjoint and or muscle pain Y=1 N=0
Fatigue Y=1 N=0
Chronic Infections Y=1 N=0
Depression Y=1 N=0
Headaches Y=1 N=0

TOTAL SCORE: _____ out of 25.

The higher your score, the more toxic burden you may be carrying. A detoxification cleanse would benefit you greatly if you have a score higher than 5.

If you scored higher than 5, you might want to consider contacting us for a consultation to create a customized individual detox program, or to follow along with our seasonal detoxes available to everyone.