Essential Health & Well Being

Essential Health & Well Being 2016-10-26T12:50:16+00:00

Peace is achieved when…

  • You can be fully satisfied with where you are,
  • Understanding that you’re eternally evolving.
  • Appreciating yourself and accepting that you are a never-ending and always evolving Being.
  • To stand in that delicate balance of being optimistic about your future, without regretting the past and fully accepting the present;
  • Being in love and satisfied with who, what, where, and how you are “Being.”

The greatest gift to others is achieved when…

  • You create your own happiness;
  • Fully creating the state of joy, happiness or appreciation where you are connected to the pure, positive energy source that is truly who you are.
  • Total acceptance with an ever expanding universe where all forms of expression is allowed.
  • To understand that we came here to experience the infinite possibilities that are open to us and sharing those possibilities with others.

4 Lifestyle changes are required for optimal long term health.

1.  Hydration

  • Minimum of half your body weight in ounces of pure water. Remember that your lungs require approx. 2 liters (64 oz) of pure water to produce the moisture necessary to breathe.

2. Sleep

  • Research indicates that we require a minimum of 5 continuous hours of sleep every night.

3. Exercise

  • Take a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes per day. Your arms and legs are the second pump for the heart. Exercise increases cardiovascular health thus supporting the entire circulatory tree.

4. Nourishment

  • Nourishment is more than nutrition. Every sense organ (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) causes a sensory input to your body and creates a chemical reaction to the sensory input. For example, you don’t have to see, smell, taste or touch a lemon to have a salivary reaction. Just simply by thinking about tasting the lemon causes your mouth to water. Thus, along with good nutrition, managing  your sensory input is necessary for optimal health.

Fitness Arts is committed to partnering with our clients in this journey to create a lifestyle that can be doable and enjoyable. Ultimately, without a lifestyle change, results are not sustainable.