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Goal – Posturology is the analysis of the postural system and propose the suitable corrective measures in order to restore “normal” posture (thus pain free).

  • Science based and founded on the belief that the human body has recuperative self-healing capabilities.
  • Find correlation between skeletal structure and optimum bodily function.
  • Human performance, health, and wellness can be optimized in all individuals.
  • Optimize the interdependence of structure and function, and the relationship between the nervous system, posture and motor control are the core elements of Posturpology’s approach to healing and wellness.


  • These two elements constitute the primary inputs of the system.
  • Any disturbance due to ground-contact or of optical origin will have repercussions on the entire body.
  • These sensors being out-of-tune is extremely frequent, and most of the time is present without being noticed.

While feet and eyes provide the principal and most frequently encountered causes, there are others too that give rise to postural imbalance, certain types of scars, and the manducatory system.

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