There are 4 pillars of health the are necessary to produce great health, wellness and fitness.

1. Hydration/Water

  • Why do we need water and how much is enough?

2. Sleep

  • What does sleep do and why does it have such a high impact on weight loss?

3. Circulation/Exercise

  • Discover the ‘right’ exercise choice. What is it and how much and how often?

4. Nourishment: It means more than what you eat and drink

  • Discover how all of the sense organs create enzymes and peptides that effect your total health, wellness and fitness.

Without understanding your bodies specific needs of these four pillars, your success will be either short lived or non existent.

Pillar 1: WATER. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!

Did you know that your body needs 2 liters of water daily just to breathe? In order for your lungs to produce enough moisture to do its job, it requires 2 liters.  Yes, liters (33.8 fl. oz. times 2). All it wants is simple and clean water. Do you drink at least 2 liters of water daily? if not, you are already at a deficit for breathing.

When you are dehydrated, your body will send signals to eat simple sugars as we do not have a thirst signal until we are in dehydration mode.

Make the commitment to drink minimum of 2 liters of pure, clean water (other beverages don’t count) daily. Then slowly work up to 4 liters per day. This will stop your carb cravings dead on it’s tracks. To find our more information on this topic, log on to our website at or email us at

Join me next time as we discuss our bodies need for sleep and check our website daily for great information on how to get and stay healthy and fit.